Happiness is a type of felling which cause inner piece. If a person is happy from inside he can spread his happiness in his surrounding also. Happiness can not be defined in a particular direction or work bit it can be vary from person to person like one can be happy with music or dance. 

One can be feel piece in prayer of GOD or by serving needy people by giving them their needs articles. One can be happy with friends and family or one can get happiness by working in home or outside. One can feel happy to be with his lil sweet pet or his own little garden. Happiness is like not explainable in words its beyond words bcz feelings can’t be expressed in words.

Happiness is a very simple term which is used commonly. Even a small kid can tell the meaning of happiness. But how many of us really know the meaning of true happiness and how to attain that state? Not many! Most people look for happiness outside. They believe that they can be happy if they possess certain things or be with certain people or reach a professional height., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This is what they have been fed with since their childhood. While all the mentioned things are essential for a good living, they cannot bring happiness.

Happiness is something that only you can bring for yourself. If you choose to be happy and channelize for thoughts accordingly, then you shall attain happiness. However, it is not as simple as it seems. 

You need to make efforts to work on it. Secondly, it is not a one-time activity. You need to practice certain things daily in order to achieve this state.

Now, while you need to look for happiness inside at times you need to seek help from your family and friends. 

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