1.       Start anything with small with big motto. Whatever want to do so do it fast. Successful people takes very immediate action. They took too many meetings. When we finished our works completely so our mind release dopamine to get more interest on next session or can say that its a type of fuel. When we start to do work  fast to get completetion on everywork so it means we are in fight path as a path of success. Lion set always good target to get success, and starts the works as per schedule mode by me.  There are seven crucial steps  like :-

          (a)      What do we need. Just think its bad for lion to choose a wrong target. So choose any
          best target to achieve success.

          (b)      Set Deadline.   Lion never wait to hunt and same things for us to do instently., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

          (c)      Make a List of Steps to Achieve goal.  To complete assign with small works. So it
          anything everyday so that to developed itself everyday. One day will get more productivity.  

          (d)      Just write our task on one pages.

          (e)      Daily monthly and weekly basis. Cut the completed work and evolve 80/20 principle.
          Some of the people show that they are too busy because of unnecessary work. To keep positive
          to itself just release that goodness  and remind it time to time  and don’t make foot to yourself.  
          We will do fast atlast but one is that mistake get too much which are unavailable. To  predict such
          circumstances make priority at all the time. Don’t focus on procrastination. Don’t speak is also a
          type of good law. A, B,C, D is also a type of consequences a ‘A’ is very much important in our
          life. So make priority of A,B,C and make our goal and distribute it with six and seven key result.
          Arrange our work, clear our desk just keep clean. I have not money but can do with strategy.

          Take one step at one time. Keep learning at all the time and make master of yourself. Get
          perfect at anynow. Leverage our special talent and understand our unique values. Do and just
          start only that work by which we get more complements and feel more enjoyable. Everyfield there
          is some obstacle in our carrier. Never west money in any field. Maximize  our power or develope
          our fuel power. Do not study whole day just choose productivity time so that can learn 100% full
          concentration instead of whole day study. We cannot study whole day with full concentration.
          Just loose our time and fuel. Therefore better to choose best time.  Sleep early to get early. Think positive do positive and learn good thing. We might be an optimistic. The person who are optimistic they always think for their goal. Optimistic people always think about their goal. They think their good steps. Some times keep away from social media and away from virtual life and update with current generation. Enjoy current movement. Never become a slave of technology become master of the means of communication.  Distribute our task in Subdivision to complete easily. For utilizing our time make schedule of our daily works for be efficiency and focused it by priority wises. Never wait a minute and change our life style to become successful. Develope the humor of self of urgency and creat self of urgency to flow itself in flow of state. Set an imaginary deadlines. Once we start our work so automatically will develop the power of learning. Save from destruction. Remind ourself that I must have to do work for what i want to become in my life and for that i am ready to sacrifice anything at anything Lion cannot take rest unless not hunt. Same things also for us that we must be flow the discipline like lion for become successful. To learn the works in middle portion and same starts double  its all are a type of time wasting. Once we started to do anywork so give our full fuel to complete that works unless not completed.

In this content I just want to convey you that we heard many steps to develop our productivity. Organised our mindset early to startup any work. Apply 80/20 rule in everyday assigned works and make consciousness to each and every field. Flow A,B,C methods. Use all the works as urgently. At a time do only one works mean one works.



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