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1.       Whatever We Can Imagine Exists. Creation is the only the projection into form of  the which already exists. Whenever we permit our self to think what we required. How to eliminate bad feelings. We can change anything in our life by changing how we feel. When we change how we feel about any subject, the subject must change but in changing the way we feel don’t try to get rid of bad feelings because all bad feelings because all are simply a lack of love. Instead we put love in. We put love in. We don’t try to get rid of anger or sadness, anger and sadness are gone when we put love in. There is nothing to dig out of us. When we put love into us. Think of love as if it is water in glass, and the glass is your body. When a glass has only little water in it so it is empty of water. We can’t change the water level in the glass by waging war on the emptiness and trying to rip out the emptiness. The emptiness goes by filling the glass with water and when we have bad feeling we are empty of love, and so when we put love into our-self the bad feelings are gone. So don’t resist bad feelings. Everything has its perfect place in life, including bad feeling. Without bad feelings we would never know what it feels like to feel good.

  • 2.       If we feel bad about having bad feelings, we are adding more power to our bad feelings. Now only will your bad feelings get worse, but we will increase the negativity we are giving out. Now we understand that bad feeling don’t bring the life we want, which will make we more mindful not to let bad feeling take over us. We are in charge of our feeling and so if we have a bad feeling sweeping over us so one way to discharge its energy is to lighten up. There is a world Life is supposed to be fun. When we are having fun, we feel great and we receive great things. When we take life too seriously so we receive serious things. Having fun brings the life we want, and taking things too seriously brings a life we have to take seriously. We have the power over our life, and we can use it to design your life whatever way we want, but for our own sake, lighten up.

3.       Destiny Is No Matter Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice. Life follow us absolutely everything we experience in our life as a result of what we have given out in our thoughts and feelings, whether we realize us have given them or not. Life is a catalogue, and we are the one who choose what we love from the catalogue. But are we choosing the things we love or are we too busy judging and labelling the bad things. If our life is far from wonderful, then you have inadvertently been labelling all the bad things. We have allowed the things as thing are bad to distract us from the purpose of our life. Because purpose of our life is to love. The purpose of your life is joy. The purpose of your life is to choose the things us love and turn away from the things us don’t love so we don’t choose them.

4.       Choose What We Love.   Whenever we see a happy couple madly in love and we desperately want a partner in our life, life is presenting the happy couple to us, for us to choose. But if we feel sad or lonely when we see the happy couple so just gave out negativity and in effect said a I want to be sad and lonely. If we meet someone who has qualities we wish we had loved those qualities and feel good about those qualities in that person and we are bringing those qualities to our-self.

5.       If we want to become a parent so have been trying for long time, then give love and feel good every single time we see a parent with a child. Only love can brings what we want to love or achieved. This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love the more they give the more they possess. There is a simple formula that we can use for the law of attraction that will stand us in good stead with every person, situation and circumstances. As far as the low of attraction is concerned there is only one person in the world as there are only you none other than me.  Whenever feel about any one else so you are bringing to you.

6.       There are no limits, and everything is possible if we really want it, if we really want it if we really desire it. There is no lack in universe. When people see a lack of anything its simply a lack of love. There isn’t lack of health, money, resource or happiness. The supply is equal to the demand. Give love, and you will receive.

7.       Our Life Is Our Story.   We are creating the story of our life, so what story are you telling about our-self. Do we believe there are things we can and cannot do? Is that the story we are telling about our-self because that story is not true. The force of love says whatever we give we receive back. Does that say we are not good enough? The force of love says. We are good enough now. If we feel we have done something that wasn’t right, understand that our realization and acceptance of it is absolution for the law of attraction. The real world is that, “In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it. Life and universe are much more than we may realize. We may think there is a limited amount of things in the world. We may thing there is limited amount of money, health and resources but it is not true. For example suppose I am typing/ writing this content for to publish my site and content so it means I am accepting from universe to give me what I want to receive from this universe. There is equal and opposite reaction of all the works whichever existing in universe.

8.       Nobel Prize Winner of QuantumPhysicist. He says that we will receive what will do/works.  We can also think there is a shortage of time in the real world and because of that we may live our life rushing against time, but the great scientist. Albert Einstein told us that is an illusion, “The distinction between past, rpesent and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”. We should also thing that real world is made up of living of living things and dead things. But in the universe everything is alive and nothing is dead. The star, sun, planets, earth, air, water, the real world that is emerging. There is a sense in the tree which feels our love and responds to it. It does not respond or show its pleasure in our way or in any way we can now understand. There are many sounds we can’t hear because their frequencies are beyond what we can hear, but they are real. We can’t see ultraviolet or infrared light because their frequency are far beyond what our eye can see. We can believe that real world is made up of the solid things we can see and touch. But actually nothing is solid. The chair we are sitting on right now is a force of moving energy and its mostly space. So how real is our chair?

9.       A wise man recognizing that the world is but an illusion does not act a if it is real so therefore be escapes the suffering. We may believe that our imagination is just a thought and dream and has no power in the real world. And yet one of the hurdles for scientist in proving things to be true or not is removing the scientist’s beliefs from scientific experiments, because what the scientist believes or imagines will e the outcomes of an experiment affects the outcome of experiment. This is the power of human imagination and belief.

10.      The real story is that we are an unlimited being. The real story is that the world and the universe are unlimited. There are worlds and possibilities that we cannot see, but all of them exist. We have to start telling a different story. We have to start telling the story of our amazing life, because whatever story we tell, good or bad, the law of attraction must make sure we receive it, and it will be the story of our life. Imagine and feel whatever we want and those will be the picture you receive back in our life. Give loves as much as we can and feel as good as you can and the force of love will love. We can be whatever we want. We can do whatever we want we can have whatever we want. A mighty eternal and incomprehensible force pushes us all forward. But while all are so being pushed, many linger and look back. Unconsciously they oppose this force. If we keep telling a story of being a victim, then those pictures will play over and over again in our life. If we keep telling a story that we are not as smart as other people, or not as attractive as other people or not as talented as other people we will be right because they will become the pictures of our life. Love is the greatest power on the earth, it conquers all things.

11.      Key To Power.  Our most precious valued possession and our greatest power and invisible and intangible, No one can take them, you and you alone can give them. We will receive abundance for young giving. To use love as the ultimate power in our life. We must love like we have never loved before. Fall in love with life. When we fall in love with life so every limitation disappears. We break limitations onmoney health happiness and the limits of joy in our relationship.  Opportunity will pour into our life and our slightest touch will dissolve negativity.  We will fell better than our thought it was possible to feel. We will be filled with unlimited energy excitement and unquenchable zest for life, We will feel as light as a feather like we are floating on air and everything we love will just seem to fall at our feet. Fall in love with life unleash the power within we and we will become unlimited and we will become unlimited and invincible.

          Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth. Look At To Me. Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.

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