book reading 2020


1.       To overcome laziness creates urgency, making challenges.

2.       Challenges goal eat good things. Therefore, make a good habit discipline.

3.       How can you care for other if you cannot even care for yourself. I can’t love other unless love to myself., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

4.       You will have all the information and strategies you will need to profoundly influence the quality of your life and the lives of all those you touch. And when you apply this wisdom on a daily basis, you will change mentally emotionally physically and spiritually.

5.       The garden is a symbol of mind. If you care mind if your nurtured it and if you cultivate just it will also give like amazing output which I cannot be recognise.

6.       Your time and your value are more responsible in your life.

7.       When you are talking with your friends so talk with full concentration.

8.       If you are doing anything with concentration so is enjoyable. If you studied seriously so will be tired very soon. Right Time Can Never Be Come, Just Make Time To Be Right.

9.       Dharma provides the basis of knowledge. Dharma is a circle which tells what with Dharmik people.

10.      To overcome from problem of the world first to overcome from right mind.

12.      Positive thinking with positive action and efforts increase our probability of success.

13.      Circumstances are the fuel of our life. If circumstances will not so life will also be not exist.

14.      Hii God You give me that much of persistency so that I can face my entire problem. And give me such talent so that I can just feel and understand my entire problem.

15.      Think Big and make a spiritual goal. If you want to serve business you must have to think bigger than the service provide. And thanks to you to yourself. There are three types of KAMAIEE :-



          (C)      AAP KI KAMAIEE  – MESSANGER OF GOD.

              If thinking to be won so you can won. And if you are thinking that you can’t won so it can’t be.

16.      If wanted to ingredient your Luck, so do more and more practice. Luck automatically comes to you.

17.      Try to talk politely with anyone and make happy to everyone by saying such a wonderful words. Think big, always be keep bust-up to yourself for what you deserve. If your determination truth is spiritual then nobody in the world can evade you even God also. Because you are doing KARMA and Karma is Dharma. (Work Is Worship). Karma is God and God Is Karma. God existed in all small atoms and particulars of universe rather than living things or non- living things.  

18.      The habit of giving is more highly effective than receiving something from other.

19.      Swami Vivekananda Said that “When you respect to your mother that time I respecting to my mother. And when you respecting to my mother that time I was respecting to your mother. So give respect to other to take respect.

20.      Think as you like, but behave as other.

21.      Investing is a game that anybody can do it, not everyone.

22.      When you change the way you look at the things. The things you look at they change.

23.      Those who gave up never growup.

24.      Nobody in the history has ever creates history without testing some failures.

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