1.      The story of MS Dhoni, it is worth telling and it is worth telling to about the whole strategies. He is a best player under pressure in the world Dhoni says luck alone cannot take so far. I believe in knowing it and sharing it among the people I also seen that how he provocative question to media. 

Intelligent people’s l has three things like they are simple, they are achievable, they are within us to dig up and use. Dhoni says always. Just try once. People should must know that, His mental programming is the key. 

it’s his mind that is the  different factor between being successful and being a winner. Ganguli also said that successful depends upon many things, like talent training, helps backing etc. But wining depend upon one things a mind to win. That mind is an attitude.
2.       Its a killer trait and to be a winner you have to processed that Dhani is different from other. He is different from you hand me. His mind works in a different way as the winners way. 
Dhoni also said that make all the works very easy so that to be positive. Dhoni’s was a man who had almost everything’s against him. About 70% credit goes to mental skill in the path to success. 
The rest 30% is the talent born with acquired. We just wanted to know the factor of Dhoni. Dhoni also said that if one can control his mind, he can control much of many things in the universe. 
I always believe that attitude of my each and every work will gives me the way to win Dhoni also say that whom life is running so smoothly so why would you want to complicate things. Dhoni said that nobody has seen the form. Its state of mind where you are confident and you think positively.
3.       In your life never think that what’s happened with you in spite think how you reacted with that things. Success is all about conditioning your mind. We need to stay happy, stay positive all the time and approach each match with the right frame of mind. 
Winning is a great morale booster for the team and it will help them perform better. The same man, when he loses a match, without dismissing them makes it a point to say that he has learned from the loss and that’s why losing was sometimes great, too. 
Dhoni said it only too well that negative thoughts can only breed doubts. Doubt is a negative attitude which has negative power, and takes you away from your goal and from the object of your passion. Success is 90% attitude and 1% aptitude. 
If really you required a way in your life so like if it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.
4.       Dhoni said that, “If you practice a shot 100 times, only then you will be confident about it. That confident will give you positive attitude. Confidence without hard work is fake confidence. Failure is sure to happen. Go full throttle. 

I completely believe in it. Dhoni is that robust person who knows to give it all. He always the first person to enter the field during a practice session and the last one to leve in his younger days. 
While we have all heard a lot about hard work, it’s through Dhoni said that I learned that hard work, too, has a process. The donkey style slogging will not necessarily bring in the desired result. 
In a fast tract world where surviving means shoulder- cracking with the best, hard work need a scaffolding of strong mental skills.

5.       He was no stranger to the fact that there was more hard work to be done and he didn’t take anything for granted. He never stopped preparing himself. Aware of the bigwigs in cricket, he got into the roll, making himself stronger and more skilful at the game. Mastering the art of cricket, he infused his own innovations into it. 
As result, we have the helicopter shot that left every bowler devasted. The sheer unorthodox way of handling the willow, invented by Dhoni made that his Masterstroke.
 There is no short cut to success and you cannot skip hardwork or fool your system. It is irreplaceable and this formula, omnipresent. To make your mark in the world to emerge a champions the formula need to be followed:
6.       For people with inborn talent, the learning part becomes a matterof  temperament. While some are born with talents, others tend to acquire them along the way. 
As our very own Ganguly always sayt, “It’s not talent that makes a winner. It’s what you do with the talent that matters”. Your fearlessness is not just the talk-of-the town, but talk –of the – world. The Greatest quality of Mahi is that whenever he is given an opportunity, he performs. 
Commentator Harsha Bhogle once said that Dhoni’s greatest strength is his fearlessness. So what are those obstacles that get in the way of our success? According toDhonis fear is justan  illusion of the mind, which doesn’t exist in reality.

7.        The more we entertain fear, the more you will attractive it in your life. It will sit between you and your target, the size of Mount Everest. A cooperate guy will fear a decision backlash while a businessman will lose sleep for nights on end over a multi-core business deal. 
But fear does not have feet to stand on. It’s conditioned of your mind and your constant feeding it will make it large than your life, your goal and your destiny. It’s not just height or water or a speed boat that people fear. People fear failure. 
That constant “What if can’t: Or that fear of change. It means if I will have to leave home or the fear of insignificance. What if nobody give a damn and of course the fear of imperfection. Everybody will see what an amateur I am and will always bug an insecure mind. 

To many people lose sleep prior to an important event like a big meeting a big show an important business decision or a match. We all know that and we think it is natural.
8.       But what the secret behind Dhoni’s fearless self. Before his debut math when asked if he could relax and sleep the laughed and said that he indeed sleep well. I had to be fresh for the next day. 
This is when the presence of mind and calculation play major roles. Dhoni was farsighted enough to realize a no-sleep night would mean mediocre performance. How to deal with any circumstances and to make the habit of exercise will help us deal with it objectively which will be easier than fighting it. 
If we box that fear, it will automatically bring our strength and confidence to the forefront. Because that fear which was occupying the mind space has been boxed and kept away. Taking the plunge, if you are a bungee jumper, or kicking that penalty shot or hitting the six to win the match will become easier. 
Doni’s extraordinary calm attitude gives him immense mind space to use his conscious and sub-conscious minds effectively.
9.       So guy our calm and composed attitude will assure us what do I want to become in our life. Calmness on the subject is most urgent which enhance and gives fuel to our goal to fire our target very smoothly. 
No challenge is too big for anyone. Now bowler is too strong for any one.  Dhoni’s also said that I wasn’t calm at a young age. 
I don’t like to lose so when I was young, I had trouble controlling my emotions, but soon I realized that aggression is a waste of time and energy. Then I consciously practiced calmness and over a period of time, I learned to control my aggression.
10.      The Gut Feeling.  A winning attitude coupled with calm mind results in yet another skill, intuition. Intuition means right feelings or the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning. Our captain is known for his intuitive decision.
11.      So friends to win any game whether is it a business, education, sports it must required a winning mind set. If I have that type of mindset so I can win any game in the world.
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