1.       A man must write what he want to become and what he like it how to be get self control  and  to change our self strategy. Success leaves due to the type of mastery required. 
Whatever we are doing in today  it need to avoid by pain or desire to gain pleasure as we fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. 
The secret of success is learning how to use pain & pleasure instead of having pain & pleasure use you. If I do that time so I feel better to my life we must be like a child to be happy. 

Don’t be unhappy and pray to God and be thankful for whatever you have because irritated may never be satisfied with their life. How can we get satisfied in our life. So for that don’t doubt, instead accept for the best achievements.  

2.       Faith empowers the words and everyday you wonder just like every things will be received universe and also ask from God. Must of the obstacles that stop us to more on be the mental obstacles. Remove the mental Hurdle.  We should think positive about it. 
A clean engine always delivers power’. And so does a mind and don’t believe in defend.
3.       Possible to eliminate worry from mind. We need to believe that we can do it anything with God’s help. Learn how to empty our mind daily. 
How to break the worry habit from our life. So just keep peace and pray to God and eliminate the level. Tension may released only by positive thinking. Problem are the part of parcel of energy’s life. 
Every problem there is a solution and we can solve the problem by meditating God. Author is saying that whenever we stuck in a problem the God is closed by us. 
Consider God as our partner of everything we do he will ready to help us. Tension block the flow of power and energy. How to us faith in healing when I started to read spiritual book then I feel how to overcome from bad situation. 
Whenever I feel tension so just recognized the overcome thinking how should be overcome from situation we can change our life by changing our thought. Relax of easy power.
4.     Loosen the body and think about God. How to love about God. I must know to love all the people. Love all the people. 
Prescription of heartache. We must have the faith to love all the people. Don’t think tension at long time at a place instead think about solution. Keep silent and believe that God will help me. 
You must have the ability to do anything in the world whatever he required from nature’s. Appreciate our knowledge and feel that how may do the best of our life and may do the best of our life to determine your goal starts to write it down. Make consistency in every and each thing to focus 100% to the consistency work.
5.       Lives values clarification to all my needs and determine the life cycle to my life. I just feel that what can do for my carrier to do very best things in my life.
Identity the key to expansion. We develop the new key. My question my answer, quality answer will become my quality of life. 
Some are quality made question so it will also become of the most appreciated. In my life what subject I am committed. Word are more powerful so we may use our new words for our re-consideration. 
Words which are using that means I also making cheerful life to other life. Metaphase is that when we don’t understand the things in my life, so just we understand the feelings of love. Therefore, make a confidence in our expression.
6.       You must set your own goal prescribed the things in better way as ten days mental challenges. Work on his solution as per 90% and 100% focus on solution to be the evaluate. 
Life values my personal compass. All decision making comes down to the value clarification. We must clear of our goal and we must have the control of my appearance. 
My past well deeds will empower us and regenerate us to enhanced our life more and more in everyday. Change in new identities. 
A work can’t be down with alone instead to be together and co-operation if I truly decide to you can do anything. My decision may control to myself. 
Most of the people are thinking to achieve something to do very best for their own life. The secret is means to compile the matters with altogether to regenerate my goal better. I can control to my pain and pleasure. 
My destiny creates as what I think with my pain and pleasures. So try to involve himself by someone behavior emotional pattern so may never be indulged in any circumstances.
 It depends upon how I am thinking. My belief and my sense depend to empower to convince my mind by re-building by re-mindset and must have to forget the past deeds. Change can happens in long term sense with intuition power. We think change can take long time to re-build. How to change anything in life.
7.       Create new power to empower of gratitude and fuel. Think and ask from itself that what will I acquired to my life and for that what can I do for that success. 
Successful people always ask best answer from anyone so do more and more dedication work from hard labor so be hard worker and be committed. 
My words is my power. Where my life is going so must have to be decide what I want to be do. Whenever, you are not feeling/ looking to any circumstances that time ask from itself, this will give you the answer I must have ability to think like a experts. 
Once you started to see the reality than reality will also converted into reality. In the field/ battle of success, first have to be fight with nature. 
Our nature is taking examination from us. Our life totally change after ten years so what will I do after ten year and what practicing within ten years.
8.       My dream chasing that what I have to be do. Today I deserve my success. Yes, by anyhow you must ready to do and you study the different and different books as much as you can. 
I must to be study what want to be learn. This motivation once we fight with nature so this nature will always be fight for the natures. 
Natures will support me as anyhow. My life my dedication will tell me either I want to be or not. If you want to become a Great so must have more dedicative. 
So be more proactive on daily basis, pay the price of my daily success. Just like today I am how much timing paying to my success so including this all my daily dedication deserves to my goal for what I required. 
So do more practice to earn more and do hard labour. Today, if you are devoting to yourself so you future will become bright.
9.       While I feel to faded, tired, unfortunately that time you just say that “I will do it anything by anyhow so do more and more practice. You do it anything just like mad. 
You must to be mad for any work. Your best motivation is to protect your carrier with your daily/ practice really will get and overcome from early circumstances. 
Habit makes cable connection/ create habit to overcome and abstract all your faults and will give to you best output by upgrading to your daily practice.  Your dream is just planting and you are watering to your dream/ desire, so to be the very best you must have to be fight with nature. You re-enforce to your energy to do very best in your life., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Relationship mastering on the money mastery, decision mastery. Decision plays an important role and force us to shape our life. Emotion and sensation liked to our thought. Identify the emotion which empowered us. 

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