1.         Habits are attractive when we associate them with positive feelings and unattractive when associate them with negative feelings are called as the atomic habit.

Create motivation ritual by doing something you enjoy immediately before a difficult. By improving 1% you can do it and it can be achieved to anything.

Follow the systems for achieving goal. So must follow the systems. Understand system and follow the systems to win the match.

If anybody continues the following the systems, so anyone can win the match. Outcomes habit is not good but identities based habits are so good.


The Atomic Habit

The things what we are continuing the same will become in future. All our action generates only by ‘set of belief’.

The works which I repeat continue, the same will become our identities. Our each and every single action votes for what I want to achieve and want to become in future. No single work can change our identities.

But its repeatable will change in to the best output. Whatever we are writing that means we are generating the writing habits and can also become the writer rather than their repeatable will change you.

Whenever we write so it will change the habit of the best writing abilities. And when we speak very clearly and smoothly that means I am listening anything very well and may also develop the power of public speaker.

And whenever I influence the any people so that means we are developing and increasing the habits of leadership. And leaders are those who reads the book, in short we say that leaders are readers. 

So that we must have to decide what we have to become in our future and what we want to achieve in our future. Just take small and small steps in our future and keep vote into the habits.

The Atomic Habit

If want to become gentleman so speaking and body language should also be the best. Your behavior should also be the best while traveling. It is called identities based which are also called changing of our belief system.

Our habits are generated with only four steps that are Cue, Craving, Response, and Reward’. Cue is that which remind our reward.
The atomic Habit

Craving makes curiosity out our rewards. Out response makes and give our rewards.

And we required and need reward because of only for satisfaction and to learn anything new skills develop in our life., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Habit is a type of behavior which can remind and make only by repetition.

Once habits become and attached with us so it helps to uproot and clear the inevitable situation as like adversities in our life whatever feels that come in our life.

The things which can be liked in our life are not only by the people or by the stylist and the man who runs in the world can also help in the life as atomic habit.

In these both situations we cannot delete the any of the situation and words like cue, response craving and reward. These are the very important tools of our life.

If making difficult to our response to our life so it can be very impossible to understand the life.  Suppose, if I want to make a reading habit in our life so must have to make visible to our Cue to understand the life and understand the things the life.

So just you keep your book at such some place at some location so that you must can read books daily at least 30 minutes. Next steps how to make attractive to our books and for that craving life and books make a mark into our books.

So that we can easily ready from where we left on last night “put a flag where have to start to next day”. Due to these strategies we can read very nicely to each and every moment of our life.

The books should be nearby your hands so that you can read and touch & take your books very easily. How to make satisfying to rewards. Which times have to read books? Choose the right books and read accordingly.

Increase the satisfactory level of our life. And the same things if we want to leave any things in our life so just follow opposite of these all above. Like keep your mobile phone away from table from where you cannot touch your set easily. Just delete the time wastage application.

To make good habits we must have to make and follow the cue, craving, response and rewards. We always follow that habits which were followed by most of the people very easily.

But we never that habits which was followed by some of the people which also feel hard. And hard habits always are helpful for our life. Good habits are followed by powerful and The Great Businessman.

Some people cannot start any work because they think that they don’t have the great motivation. But they don’t know that they have not clarity. Even though they don’t know when, how and what have to start the work so that will perform better to give our best output.

Environment is far better than motivation. The environment behavior will change our habits of maintenance. There is nothing magical about time passing with regard to habit formation as atomic habit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been twenty one days or thirty days or three hundred days. What matters is the rate at which you perform the behavior. You could do something twice in thirty days, or two hundred times.

It’s the frequency that makes the difference. Your current habits have been internalized over the course of hundreds, if not thousands, of repetition. New habits require the same level of frequency.

You need to string together enough successful attempts until the behavior is firmly embedded in your mind and you cross the habit line. In practice doesn’t really matter how long it takes for a habit to become automatic.

What matters is that you take the actions you need to take to make progress. Whether an action is fully automatic is of less importance. To build a habit, you need to practice it. And the most effective way to make practice happen is to adhere to the 3rd Law of Behavior change and make it easy.

The chapters that follow will show you how to do exactly that. The amount of time you have been performing a habit is not as important as the number of times you have performed it.


This is because locations along the same latitude generally share similar climates, amounts of sunlight and rainfall, and changes in season. These factors allowed farmers in Europe and Asia to domesticate a few crop and grow them along the entire stretch of land from France to China.

Every action requires a certain amount of energy. The more energy required, the less likely it is to occur. If your goal is to do a hundred push-ups per day, that’s a lot of energy in the beginning.

Look at any behavior that fills up much of your life and you’ll see that it can be performed with very low level of motivation. Habits like scrolling on our phones, checking email and watching television steal so much of our times because they can be performed almost without effort.

They are remarkably convenient is also known as atomic habit. In a sense, every habit is just an obstacle to getting what you really want. Meditation is an obstacle to feeling calm.

Certainly, you are capable of doing very hard thing. The problem that someday you feel like doing the hard work and some days you feel like giving in. One of the most effective ways to reduce the friction associated with your habits is to practice environment design.

Whenever deciding where to practice a new habit, it is best to choose a place that is already along the path of your daily routine. Habits are easier to build when they fit into the flow of your life.

We try to follow a strict diet while we are out to dinner with friends. We try to write a book in a chaotic household. We try to concentrate while using a smartphone filled with distractions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can remove the points of friction that hold us back. I like to refer to this strategy as addition by subtraction. The Japanese companies looked for every point of friction in the manufacturing process and eliminated it. As they subtracted wasted effort, they added customers and revenue.

Similarly, when we remove the points of friction that sap our time and energy. The central idea is to create an environment where doing the right things is an easy as possible.

Much of the battle of building better habits comes down to finding ways to reduce the friction associated with our good habits and increase the friction associated our bad ones.

When I walk into a room everything’s is in its right place. Because I do this every day in every room. You can be sure you will only take it out when you really want to watch something.

The greater the friction, the less likely the habit” the atomic habit. It is remarkable how little friction is required to prevent unwanted behavior.

So lastly friends I would like to conclude my view as like “Create an environment where doing the right things is easy as possible and prime your environment to make future actions easier.


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