Your past ideals are determining your present

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              A successful business is not usually the result of chance. Neither is a failure the result of luck. Most of the failures could be determined in advance if the founders had been studied., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It is not always possible to start a money-making business at the start. Usually, several changes have to be made. Plans may have to change have to be made.

Plans do not work out as their creators thought they would. You must concentrate on your details. If you strengthen out one after another, others will require attention.

If we realize one desire, another comes. But if we do not fulfill the first desire, we will not the second. The person that does not carry his desires into action is only a dreamer.

Desire is a great creative force if it is pure, intense, and sustained. It is our desire that keeps stirring us up to action and they will strengthen and broaden us if we make them materialize and make them successful to make them more concentrated in their business life.

HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE INCREASE MORE CONCENTRATION IN THEIR BUSINESS LIFE Every man who achieves success deserves it. When he first started he did not understand how to solve the problems that afterward presented themselves, but he did each thing as it came up in the very best way that he could and this developed his power of doing bigger things.

We become masters of business by learning to do well. Business success depends on well-concentrated efforts. You must use every mental force you can master.

The more these are used the more they increase. Therefore, the more we accomplish today the more force we will have at our disposal with which to solve our problems tomorrow.

Feel yourself a success, believe you are a success, and thus put yourself in the attitude that demands recognition and that thought current draws to you what you need to make your success.

Don’t be afraid of big undertakings. Go at them with grit, and pursue methods that you think will accomplish our aim so high that if we fall a little short we will still have accomplished much.  

What others have done you can also do. You may even do what others have been unable to do. Always keep a strong desire to succeed in your mind.



Be in love with your aim and work, the greatest good to the greatest number and your life cannot be a failure.

A successful business attitude must be cultivated to make the most out of your life, the attitude of expecting great things from both yourself and others.

It alone will often cause men to make good to measure up to the best that is in them.

The man that decides according to what he thinks is right and who learns from every mistake acquires a well-balanced mind that gets the best results.

A successful business is not hard to build if we can concentrate all our mental forces upon it. It is the man that goes to the wall.

We hear persons say that business is trying on the nerves, but it is the unsettling elements of fret and worry and suspense that are nerve-exhausting and not the business.

By attending to each day properly we develop the capacity to do greater work tomorrow. It is this gradual development that makes possible the carrying out of big plans.

Keep the idea in mind, that we mean to go forward, that each day must mark an advance and forward us to go. You do not even have to know the exact direction so long as you are determined to find the way. But we must not turn back once we have started.  

You don’t want to think that an aim is impossible because it has never been realized in the past. Every day someone is doing something that was never done before. Plan each day’s activities carefully and you can reach any height you aim at.
If each thing you do is done with concise and concentrated thought you will be able to turn out an excellent quality and a large quantity of work.
Plan to do so much work during the day and you will be astonished to see how much more you will do, than on other days, when you had not decided on any certain amount.
Tackle everything with a positive and earnestness that will concentrate your mind. The natural leader always draws to himself, by the law of mental attraction, ideas in chosen subjects that have ever been conceived by others.
This is of the greatest importance and help. If you are properly trained you to benefit much from other thoughts, and providing you generate from within yourself something of value, they will benefit from yours. One seldom makes a success of anything that he goes at in a listless.

An up-to-date businessman is not content to build only for the present but is planning.

If he does not he will fall today was carefully thought out and planned by others in the past.

That is why the young businessman of today is likely to accomplish more in a few years than his father did in all his life. 

You are attracting forces and influence that you should not because you are not in harmony with what you are doing.

There is nothing so tiring as to try to do the work for which we unfitted, both by temperament and training.

Business success is not the result of chance, but scientific management.

Use your mental forces so that they will grow and develop. Remember that everything you do is the result of mental action, therefore you can completely control your every action.

Nothing is impossible for you. Don’t be afraid to tackle difficult propositions. Your success will depend upon the use you make of your mind.

Are you afraid of responsibilities? For the individual soul to develop, you must have responsibilities. You must manifest the omnipotence of the law of supply.

The whole world is your legitimate sphere of activity. When once you have learned to master your thought, you will be able to change them just as easily as you change your clothes.  

To control your intention first gain control over the mind and the mind under the control of the will. You will be strong enough to do anything you wish, but you must realize that it is.

It will be necessary to first train the body to obey the commands of the mind.

I want you again to gain control of your muscular movements. Sit in a comfortable chair and see how still you can keep it. This is not easy as it seems. You will have to center your attention on sitting still.

Concentration increases the sense of smell. When you take a walk drive in the country or pass a flower garden, concentrate on the odor of flowers and plants. See how many different kinds you can detect.

The person that can concentrate can gain full control over his body and mind and be the master of his inclinations.  And when you can control others.

So you can develop a will that will make you giant compared with the man that lacks willpower.

We can find plenty of opportunities for exercises for developing the sense of smell. The object of this exercise is to develop concentrated attention, and you will find that you can, through their practice, control your mind and direct your thoughts just the same as you can your arm.

Concentration on the beating of your heart’. Do not pay any attention to anything else.

Think about how this great organ is pumping the blood to every part of the body, try to picture the block leaving the great reservoir and going in one stream right down to the toes.

Man has been able to gain such control over the heart that they have stopped it from beating for five minutes. This, however, is not without danger and is not to be practiced by the novice.     


Sleep concentration. What is known as the water method which you help you? Concentration will save energy and appearance, watch yourself and see if you are not in the habit of moving your hands, thumbing something with your fingers, or twirling your mustache. By concentration, you easily change your life. By concentration, you can control your temper.  

Your past ideals are determining your present.  Therefore, if you want a bright future, you must begin to prepare for it today. Every time you change your ideal you think differently. You become like a rudderless boat on an ocean.

Therefore realize the importance of holding to your ideal until it becomes a reality. Why do some many men fail? Because they don’t hold to their ideal until it becomes a mental habit.

You must give some hours to concentrated, consistent, persistent thought. You must study yourself and your weakness.

Think hard about the fact that men who have got what you envy got it by working for it.

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