1.           Leaders with good problem-solving ability demonstrate five qualities:-

              (a)         They Anticipated Problems.

              (b)         They accept the Truth.

              (c)          They See the Big Picture

              (d)         They Handle One thing at a Time.

              (e)      They Don’t Give up a Major Goal When they’re Down.

The Great leaders said that “You never try to solve all the problems at once, make them line up for you one by one.

The leader who get into to trouble most often are the ones who are over whelmed by the sheer size or volume of their trouble and them dabble at problem solving.

If you are faced with lots of problems, make sure you really solve the one you are working on before moving on to the next one.

To improve your problem solving, do the following :-

              Look for trouble. I you have been avoiding problem, go out looking for them. You will only get better if you gain experiencing dealing with them.

Find situations that need fixing come up with several viable solutions, and then take them to a leader with good problem- solving experience. You will learn from his decisions how he things when handling difficulties.

Develop Methods to Solve Problem in Your Life.  Spend time to discover the real issue :-

TIME                   :  Spend Time to discover the real issue.

EXPOUSURE       :  Find out what others have done.

ASSISTANCE       :  Have your Team Study All Angles.

CREATIVITY        :  Brainstorm multiple solutions.

HIT IT                  :  Implement the best solutions.

              We must can learn and read to improve every day. A good leader always tries to learn something new from our leadership.

We must find same mentor or any mentor for my wellbeing. I must change my schedule for learning my schedule to improve my life.

A good listener will also help us to extraordinary in any’s life. The law of universal beverages foundation of law. Thoughts matter and attraction my higher level of thought comes only my actual determinant.

Everything is energy so we must choose and match our visualization by thought feeling and action which deliberately comes with by harmony which changes attraction by changing. The law of attraction gives enormous power.

It is very easy to understand but everyone is not ready to know the vibration. Learning comes when it falls when the maturity comes to learn by default. Nobody comes to tell you to leave and desire.

Things to learn are manifestation and designation of matter of concept. No work is hard because nothing is made up which could not be understand.  

I must find imitate level of my dedication. What is paralysis of analysis? 

Never start the work with hard just stat with small and read the work very carefully to process. Passion can change how we can develop to our whole system in the systematic way. Our personality will also start to develop the automatically.

Our passion will change our whole perceptiveness, personality and our attitude. I want to be changing our world. I must change to our self.

Attitude   I can change my attitude at any time. We never listen to our mind rather always gives task to do it not become slave of it write it all our desires at somewhere because our mind all the time need reminders to improve us.   

How Successful People Think

Change thinking is very important for me. Thinking is very hard and very difficult. Share market will go shower but human ability has great power like diamond and can never be showered, never runs out.

How to become better thinker for tomorrow they I am today. Then it must follow undoing process to thinking.


    • Expose yourself for Good Input.  Good thinker always pumps up good ideas.  They always think to get on in their thinking process because what I put in always impact on various output and what comes out. Spend good time for good thinker. Keep it in front of us. 

    • Put it in writing and keep it in somewhere it get easy to see every day to learn and see better. Stimulate your thinking.

 Expose Yourself to Good Thinker.    Spend time with right people. Get learn from audio and good books constantly. Sharp people sharpen one another.


    • Choose to Think Good Thought.   You must be come intentional with good thought process. You always put to yourself to think, shape, stretch and lend our thoughts.

    • Make it a priority. Remember thinking is a discipline with our daily routine for each and every work for thinking time and routine. It helps to fight with during adversities time for various intentional thinking. I can also develop method with it own. Take pencil and pen to take your ideas in writing and pressing.


    • Act on Your Good Thought.   Ideas have a short self-life. You must act on before an expression.


    • Allow Your Good Emotion for Another Good Thought.  Once I can engaged in thinking you can use in to feed the process mental momentum.  Allow yourself to save your emotion.

Repeat The Process.   One good Thought doesn’t make a good life. Success comes those who has entire amount of goal to precede it consistently and dedicatedly. We must keep repeating to think good processing. Putting to you to right place to think. Becoming an over thinker make it a complicated.

Develop good things to think. Where is the best place to think and to proceed? Everybody is different. Success can come to you by courageous devotion to task lying in front of you.

After solving different and different problem you will receive the direction to move forward.

“That will pursue the talent of on next generation of your family”. So try to peruse the best concept of good thinking.  If I can consistently generate an idea in particular place so I must have to do the same things. 

My thoughts find in me. I just want to hold an idea to feel the matter of philosophy of attraction.

Learning to right is the learning to think. Focus our intention in differently. Find a place to stretch our thought. If we do so we must be the valuable person in life.

After stretch the thought the right thought which will procure our good thought with right people in right time in right location equals to right result.

Find the place to lend our thought. The great ideas need a right time to think. Lend with an idea with first self will give us integrity. Before teaching any lesson will give us the right thought to do better at all the direction.

Those closes to changes they will get the result of the new ideas. Because sometimes intelligently will give enormous potential energy. Leader does it very important things for people so see the vision.

This allows us to do better and big picture of the life. Wherever you are going to show any presentation and vision so must have big picture in your mind so that will make you success at all and give better outcomes and have the best chances to successes  endeavour anyhow. To get things focus I need consistency.

The ability to see things with other point of view. The early we embraced the sooner we dedicate for the excellent of the matter what we want. Thinking question that ‘am I dedicated to removing distraction and mental cloture.

Harness Creative Thinking .   Creative thinker has some things common. Creative thinker value ide  as. Highly creative people are dedicated to ideas. They don’t ally idea alone.  They relay under discipline. Their imagination is like second skins.

They know how to manipulate the fullest. Creative thinker explores options. Exploring the multitude of possibilities is stimulating the imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge”. They provide the key to find best answers.  Good thinker comes up the best answer. Creative thinker empress ambiguity.

Dull men always shore and the shore men always dull. Creative thinker connects the unconnected because creativity utilised the ideas of other.

We must know where we are going?  Once we started to think then we start to collect. Think what ideas can make the thought better. Creative can improve a person’s quality of life. 

Creative thinking as value to everything. Creative thinking can increase our ability to think better.

Over the year I thought that creative thinking is a hard work but it compound. The more you use the more you have. Creative thinking draws people to you and your ideas.

Once you start to think like creativity you start to become an intelligent all the time and the people also start to love you.

Examples is look for possibilities in every situation. Now, what lesson we heard from it.  Looking for good, best ideas, striving more ideas. And look for what other people are doing and applying. It doesn’t take genius ideas.

Most of the people dream so small. Dream one size bigger. They don’t think big enough. Make your planes as fantastic as you like.  

Change requires challenging the possibilities. Developing new energy sources and feeding the hungry people and improving the quality of life. Find inspiration from Great achievers.

Find some achievers and study them and look ability to succeed, believe in myself, confidence on my ability, and faith. If I believe that so really can it.

That’s the power of possibilities of thinking. Also find solution of impossibility to get better solution. Of impossibility to get better solution.

Learn from Reflective Thinking. Reflective thinking is part of my life. As I go through the process my goal it starts to reflect. So that I must learn from my mistake and success.

Discover what we should want to repeat and what we must learn from our life.  It is always valuable exercise. By mentally visiting past situation we can think with Greater misunderstanding.

Reflective Thinking Gives us True Perspective.  When we were in child during the time we not forget whatever we feel. Reflective thinking gives us thinking and emotional integrity to my thought life.

Those who survive dramatic situation they really avoid their similar situation which comes sometimes.

That compresses and speeds up the mental time and gives you the confidence and overtime strength to your intuition.

Reflective thinking increases us to go back and spend time for pondering what we have done and we have seen. Reflective thinking gives us good experiences.


All the time they focused on the life. Remove yourself from destruction. Regularly review your calendar and general.

Most of the people used their calendar for their time plan for your decision making. Then write our significant thought to examine. Calendar showing habit is good and it shows that how you use to yourself.

Ask for your righty question. So that reflective mind-set will solve your all problem. Add value today in your life. How did you know how to add value in your life? 

Whenever you start to read a good book you get always a good thought a good meaning and become a good communicator”.

When most people go to seminar they enjoy their confidence and get motivation. Whatever you are reading you just enjoy the life continually get practice in your life. Am I regularly visiting the past.

Question the popular thinking. If we have all the answer so ask better way. Many of the ideas will get go against the popular thinking. If you get value the popularity of good thinking then you learn better. Its two average to inflexible to realise and intentional thinking.

To proud to participate the power of thinking and enjoy the bottom line thinking. Acceptance of popular thinking which is derived by hard work and dedicative work. Many people lived life as hard people which survived the matter in life.

The people who are going for money they also think for their good popularity thinking.  His near situation will comes across which will continue the matter of philosophy.


Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.

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