The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, “Why It Matters”

1.          What is 80/20 Principle? Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto as Pareto Principle. He noticed that 80% of money in Italy was held with 20% of the population. And the same pattern kept and utilizing in each and every field of human being whether its business, doctor, agriculture etc. 80% crop output received from only by 20% of crop.

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3.       Little bit work will give more and more profit. There are certain examples for 80/20 principle. In my site most of the views comes only by 20% of the people. So we must focus on those 20% of the work if we need us 100% of output. 

It also doesn’t mean that we have to make 10 product for our business so I will choose only two product and that will give me 80% of benefit. No its wrong. We must to work on the other things but keep focus on those two things which giving more and more revenue. Then only I may optimize my work and can do that work better.

4.       For example if we can take a nice example for me so I first learn and read thoroughly my books then I understood how to write this so that people can learn and understand easily. People likes only because I am dedicating and devoting times period to my output. Give your full concentration and give full energy to your works which will give you 100% of benefit for those things in which I am interested.

5.       What are the 20% things that are holding us back? All the simple things in this world are very hard. Identify our region in which you must have to improve. First find your passion with passionately. Morning ritual like meditation affirmations, visualization, journaling, exercise and reading these all the things will increase all my fuel very fast as efficient.

6.       Some of the best examples which are researched by the author which are as under :-

          (a)      20% of criminal are responsible for 80% problem.

          (b)      20% driver makes 80%. accident

          (c)      20% marriage people are creating 80% divorce.

          (d)      20% cloth we wear 80%.

          (e)      20% actors gets 80% attraction of their fans.

          There are more and more example which are only done by this principle. It teaches us to not work, rather it encourages to work on those things which gives us maximum results. In ancient times mostly these this principle was uses only for business purposes but slowly and slowly this principle uses to all the things.

7.       Most of the time people invest their money on lavish, which are not required on that time. It might be with minimum instead of maximum.

8.         It is not fixing but it can be flexible. Most of the result comes from very little inputs. Goals only comes from four ways given as below :-

          (a)      Low effort      – Low reward

          (b)      High effort     – Low reward

          (c)      High effort     – High reward

          (d)      Low effort      – high reward.

9.       So we all people are made up of one of above Parato Principle. Many of the student study before exam and sometimes they gets more and less mark depending upon their own attention inspite some students are like that they goes to student everyday but not concentrated on their study. But some students are high efforts and high reward. In this situation only few students are like that.

10.      We can also take example from big three cities which are richest country but another hidden thing is that they only focused on their 20% of work, business by which they get maximum output. That’s why that country is always a richest country.

11.      One person cannot do all the work at a time so that with the help of one work he can do it all the work just like focusing in one business and set up a company and keep the power to open lot of product with the help of that company.


12.      Investemnt of Share. Only few shares will give lot of benefit but only by caring all and focusing few shares. 80/20 principle Analysis that how can we get maximum in minimum. This principle only observed for analyzing and improving for those who want to create some things fabulous in their life.

13.      Be serious, dedicative, expectation and action these four words which are mostly required for achieving any goal. For example you are taking parts in competition so must analysis as from other participants. Individual mustn’t distract with any circumstances. It also required many sacrifice. Training also required more and more. So in any field out of 100 students only 20 student can be selected, which are only done by possibility and based upon each and you how fuel you are giving to yourself.

14.      The world doesn’t know what are you doing in a room but only you know that what is my goal and where I am going. How may I get happy. How can I read lot of book easily. Sometimes, I read book in audio.

15.      80% of information will get only by learning previous book not by reading lot of book. You can get 80% of knowledge by analyzing. Being top student it’s not my priority to touch all at one but one to all.

17.      So guy study well and understand the strategies. Once you feel the methods so you can do it anything in your life.   



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